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Contracts play an important role in our life. Each person must observe, manage and store agreements of various kinds. For this reason, a contract management software is a sensible solution in which all contracts are recognized. This type of contract management offers myContractDB.

Contract management is:
- What does the individual contract?
- Who are the parties?
- Which elements of the contract are to be observed?
- Which payments / payment deadlines must be met?
- Is there maturities or renewal options, which must be considered?

After starting the program you will receive the following Window first.

This window is divided with the following elements:

- Toolbar (top)
- Filter bar (left)
- The table of Contracts
- And the detailed information for the selected contract (bottom)

The Table of contracts
In this table you can see the contracts and the data of the contract. You can change the order of the columns by Drag and Drop. The width of the columns can changed like any other tables. The position and the width of the column will be saved for the next start of the program. Furthermore, you can sort the columns by clicking the title of the columns.

The Filter bar
With the filter bar you can filter the view of the Contract Table by selecting one item of the following possible Contract Filters:

- Type
- Category
- Status
- Contracting Party

Dateiled Information
In the detailed Information are the details of the selected contract, which can be seen on different Tabs. The contract details were divided in the following main topics:

- Contract Data
- Comments
- Contracting Party
- Custom Data

The Toolbar
In the toolbar are the most important functions for the program control included such as Create a new contract, Open or Delete an existing contract.

When you want to Create a new Contract or Edit an existing the following Window will apear:

Here you can enter all the data you want to save to your contract. Fields, which are showing an arrow-down button are selection fields or datepicker. You can select already predefined data or a date with the drop down Calendar.

If you enter a value that is not present in the list of the selection field, a message appears that the name does not exist and whether the value should be included in the list. With "Yes", you can confirm this, and the value is added to the list and is therefore also available for future or existing contracts. If "No", you must enter a different value or select a value from the list. You can only switch to the next input field when the value is present in the selection list or the field empty. The existing values can be edited and deleted in the Preferennces Menu.

Because of the possible additional information of the contracting party you have to click the add Button to create a new Contracting Party with the additional information.


After saving, the contracting Party shall be selected in the selection.

The Preferences
is divided in the following main topics:

- Tables
- Contracting Parties
- Custom Fields

    In the Tables topic you can change the values of the Slection Fields.

    Contracting Parties
    In the Contracting Parties you can change the values of the Contracting Parties

    Custom Fields
    myContractingDB have 10 Custom Fields. In this Topic you can define the Titles of these Custom Fields or enable/disable them.